Sunday, June 25, 2006

no title

i'm sorry your tired
i'm sorry you woke up at 9 this morning and laid in bed till 10
i had been up since 5am done some work and was on my way to lunch when i called
i'm sorry you spent the day with your family at the movies and playing in the pool
i'm sorry you get to be home were i want to be
i'm sorry i'm away from home on buisness
i'm sorry i went out and had a little fun
for the first time in weeks
for the first time in weeks i wasn't working
working on the house
working on the bike
working at working
i'm sorry your tired from a day at home and around your family and have no time for me
i'm sorry that tongiht is the last time you'll get to talk to me for any given amout of time till i get home, and even then we won't get to talk because i have to finish moving us out of the old house.
i'm sorry

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heaven lee unique said...

you found her, now show her, the ways are simple... you know her better than anyone else, you share her life, her home, her heart... from a distant acquaintance, these words are solid and heartfelt. peace out