Friday, July 11, 2003

well iguess i waited too long to finish my tour. it's mostly gone. however, imagine rich painted walls and deep glossy dark harwood floors. comfortable furnishings and lots of stone and tile. i have often loved the look of blue stone and slate. i would like to have a bathrooom that had alot of grey slate and and limstone with glass tiles. that doesn't seem to mix well so i think i may have to have two bathrooms OR just work real hard to gethte design to flow well.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

so for years i have been trying to imagine what my dream house would be. i have dismissed the expansive masions in part because; i hate cleaning, i'm lazy and don't like walking up or down stairs,elevators no matter the novelty of having one in your home, are slow, and finally i'm a pakrat. i would just end up being lost in my own home buried under piles of papers, motorcycles and empty whisky bottles. so i have determined i would most likely be the most happy in a small bunaglow, someting in the neighbor hood of 1200 to 1800 Square feet. 3 maybe 4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms a nice living room and a den. i had den in my house growing up and i miss be able to reast comfartably in the back of the house. i might like to have an office but it's not entirely nessecary. i could convert one of the extra rooms into an office/studio. now comes the important part, i really need two garges. One would be for my daily driving needs. it would be large enough to accomidate two vehicles, a couple of motorcycles and lawn maintence equipment. sure i would love to have the money to pay someone to mow my lawn but this is a dream i want to attain, and right now taking care of the yard myself is resonable.
the second garage would be my workshop. my ultimate dream is to have about a 10 car garage. maybe 2000-3000SqFt or more with a lift and a paint booth. but as much as i would enoy a shop as large or larger than the house i could get by on something smaller. maybe 900-1000 SqFT? it needs to big enough to house several motorcycle projects, a car project and assorted mechical parts. in addition to this it would be large enough to store all related equipment to build, fabricate and maintain the aformentioned projects and vehicles. and while i'm dreaming, i'd like to have a full bath in the shop complete with shower. maybe even a kitchette area.
ok lets see if i can take you on a short tour of the property.
as you pulled up to the house you would not notice much from the street but a small unassuming structure of dark green surrounded by plants and trees in purple, green and grey with touches of red, blue and yellow sprinkled throughout, seemingly melting into the yard. the yard is small in the front with lots of plantings and an even smaller patch of lush green thin bladed burmudia grass. grass not much different than you might see planted at the entrance of a commerical complex. as you pulled onto the cobblestone drive you'd see the house. the grey/green flagstone walkway flanked by low knee high shrubs inviting you to the front door. walking the path you find little surprises in the shrubs. little square copper and glass lamps to direct to you the door at night, in the daylight would give soft reflection of the plants around them. short squat japanese boxwoods, spiraling yoppaun hollies, fluffy nandinas with their mutli colored leaves in varying hues. all held together by an assortment of wild flowers.
you would step up two steps to the porch thru stone colums of limstone stacked to look if you leaned on them too hard it would fall over, marking not only the rise to the door but firmly anchoring the corners of the house to the earth. the porch is inviting and wraps around the house on both sides. a few comfortble furnishings are arranged in a small sitting area to the left. covered in cloth matching the lushness of the lawn. arriving at the massive wood door you can almost see into the house by looking in the floor to ceiling foot wide windows on either side, if they were not draped in light pleated chaffon cutains. you grasp the heavy door by an equally impressive silver handle, contrasting with the rich darkwood, a handle that lets you know what you are about to open is special, something to cherish. if the door is locked, just look in one of the potted plants blurring the distinction between house, porch and lawn. walking in and closing the door behind you you admire the way the door closes with authority. giving you peice of mind, and letting you know you are safe from the world. you are home.
what do you want to see next? you need to use the restroom? or are you thirsty by chance? can i get you someting to drink? eat? tell you what. you go bathroom while i grab us a couple of drinks, it just down the hall there, you can't miss it.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

so i never got around to giving my feet anythought other than, damn they hurt. i spent some where in the neighborhood of 14-15 hours at the bar thruday night. my feet hurt and i wanted a shower. i also got sunburned thrusday and now i'm peeling. grrr.