Saturday, February 22, 2003

i think my dog is part cat the way he lays on the back of the couch to look out the window
OK, so i had another wierd dream last night. this time i rented a truck, a big flat bed truck, which is not all that wierd in it self, but was weird is that it looked like a regular truck, but the sleeper compartment was the size of a small mobile home, but it was like a maze almost. for some reason we parked it on a college parking lot. when we came back the next day, it was like a party had taken place , there were cans and bottles everywhere, and lots of trash. it looked like some one tried to steal the whirlpool tub. yeah weird i know, what's a whirlpool tub doing in a truck! there was also some sort of kids party, at like a game center or something, and there was a game where i could drive a big truck, but all the kids wanted to play it and i scolded by parents for hogging the game. but there was another party going on in the building, but it was in the back somewhere, and i had to go thru a maze to get to it. then driving home there was wreck on the freeway and we couldn't get on were we wanted so we had to navigate the myriad of roazds and ramps in dallas traffic to get where we were going. there was alot of "mazes" to navigate last night. just plain weird. there was lots of bright colors too
I will find your alter ego, oh yes, I will.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

So i had a weird dream last night, i was in an old highrise wharehouse, and i was taking the freight elevators to the top, but the elevator would only go up a few floors then i had to walk across floor to another elevator. once i got to the top i found out that the building wasn't abandoned at all. it was bustling with activity. so doing what i do best i made my way around like i belonged. Queenie was suddenly with me, and we saw that there was a whole abandoned town on top of the building, almost like an old ghost town. we were standing there looking at the old city and the new city skyline around us. from one window you could see the entire skyline. even the buildings that should have been behind us. we saw an area that looked like an employee break area, and thought we would go over and say hello to some people i recognized. just about then she said,"did you see that guy with the gun?" and i looked up and saw i guy running past the window with what looked like a pistol in his hand. then i looked closer and saw him and another guy get into a van, the other guy had an assault rifle and i said " like that guy?" next thing i know we are runnning around the building to get into ourtruck, and get the hell outa there. as we get to the truck we have someone else with us and we get in the truck, and watch the van start speeding down the mountain road to the bottom of the building.[????] so we start to follow them down the mountain and anaother truck pulls up yelling not to worry that they just want to get out of there tooo and nuthing would happen to us, they were just trying to get out. but the guy has a gun and is holding on to the side of the truck, so as we head down the road it has a drop off oon the passengerside, so just at the right moment queenie vears that direction sending the other truck into the ditch. i yell at her to keep driving cuz if they didn't completley crash out they would be after us........then i woke up. there was som other dreams about bartending, and fighting, and the air force but i don't remember them too well. i just remember thinking how weird it was for a building to be a moutain.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

there's a guy whos been awake since the second world war
so my computer is screwwed, and i don't know what i did. all i know is that all teh pics from the party could possibley be gone. oh well, i guess i didn't need them anyway. i read a story yesterday about a woman who decided shew didn't need photgraphs, it would only give her something to look at when she gets old, now she can concentrate on more importatnt things like where her damn slippers are.......

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

i'm thinking that i need to renew my sub to 'this old house' magazine, simply for the fact that it seems the articles seems to come out at the right time every time, for example, when i was replacing the toilet, or thinking aboout it, the new issue had a section on plumbing, floors, yep, next issue showed up just before i was about to emabrk, today? take a guess? After getting all my stuff outa storage, and packing my Garage to the ceiling, new issue of this TOH has an article on storage solutions for your garage.