Thursday, July 24, 2003

so i had the strangest dream just now. i was in the home i grew up in, but my mother woke me up mowing the yard. and my grandfather was in the hospital. the strange part is that my mother died 7 yrs before my grandfather.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

found this old couch on the side of the road one day. i thought i was a really great couch, the deserved a new life in my home, instead of being sent to the dump. at the time, i was newly divorced, low on cash and short on funiture sooo, we loaded it up. after getting it home it didn't look as good as it did beside the road so it sat in the corner of the living room coverd by a sheet until i could find a fabric to recover it with.

said couch, not much differnt than the day i found it.

well last night i decided that the time was right, my current couch (a hand me down from a co-worker) was just too damn uncomfortable, so i ripped the cover off the old one and decided the tonight was the night[tonights the night we make history....]

so off to Wal-mart we go in the middle of the night, in search of suitable fabric. we found a whole bolt of nice plum/eggplant brushed twill. soft and fluffy. and the jouney began.

i'm about half way thru, still need to do the sides and back, but i wanted to share.

Sorry bout the quality of the last pic, but i had to bump up the contrast for the purple to show thru