Wednesday, August 11, 2004

with apologies to music.

a silent phone,
and no pool.
a pet ,
half pack of cigarettes,
and empty bed.
a full couch,the remote is mine,
but out of reach.
dirty dishes in the kitchen,
waiting to be cleaned.
and dirty thoughts,
waiting to be fulfilled.
the computer light
filling the empty room.
visions of girls dance on the screen.
but they are out of reach also.
paint smearing, mind reeling
whisky getting warm on a cool night.
cigarettes burning carelessly in the ashtray.
thoughts on a screen,
thoughts beyond means,
words in my head,
while laying in my bed,
with empty hands and dirty sheets
the clock a constant reminder,
of time spent alone.
freedom to act, is not with out consequence.
freedom to be alone.
freedom to stay away
girls winking
girls flirting
drinking for free
holding out
wanting, but pushing away
giving in.
gone at first light.