Saturday, February 08, 2003

What the heck are elephant shoes and what is that supposed to mean?
I don't feel to much like writing to today.
you're awake and i know it!

write something. entertain me

(elephant shoes)

Friday, February 07, 2003

set them free at the break of dawn til one by one they were gone
Last we left our superheros the had just checked into the Longhorn Motor Lodge in Sweetwater, Texas. the room was small and well worn, the bed freshly made, was drooping from untold years of sleep, sex and what not. the carpet was trampled, mashed and worn. the curtains thick, and the lights bright. But the bathroom, the bathrom was absolutly beatiful. It was rose and pink tiles from floor to ceiling. it looked as though it was built in 1940, and it the door left closed till i opened it. not one bit of wear was found.
while the I fumbled with luggage, the TV and my camaras, the young woman had begun preparing herself for the upcoming adventures. i looked thru the tiny door opening from the bed, and there she stood. she was wearing a mans white undershirt, her breasts pushing at the seams. she wore tiny, well worn cutoff jean shorts that acentuated her lovley hips and ass. if you looked closly you could see the ass thru the fringe. she was beatuiful. Her black raven hair, pulled back tight out of her face, was in sharp contrast to the pink-rose tiles. she was slightly bent over, one leg in the sink, slowly and carfully shaving her legs. I grabbed my camara to capture this momnet forever and to let a select few share a few minutes of my life with the princess. After taken a few pictures i laid in bed, and just watched. soon she was done with her royal primping and came to join me on the bed. She soon peeled out of her tight closes, crawled under the covers with me and we both drifted off to sleep. She fell alseep a few moments before me and gave me time to ponder what had become and what was to be.
This was the end of the first day of so many more to come. We had finally broken the bonds of home. Even though we had not made it far distance wise, we had succeeded in covering an enormaous distance emotionally. For the very first time since we had met, there was no one else. tonight we lived and died with, by and for each other.
you and i in a little a little toy shop, buy a bag of balloons with the money we brought..................

Thursday, February 06, 2003

i'm hung over as hell today, slept till 1:30pm. and now i'm all shakey
HEY! i think you should get yo ass outta bed! entertain me or something!

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

It worked. hi! i'm trying to figure out how to let people leave comments. i know it can be done. but i can't figure it out yet. ok i found out how to do it, but it seems complicated right now.i'm gonna ask some questions and see what others are doing.
hi baby,
i hope this works.
well my chopper is leaving today. i sold it last week, and to taday the guy is coming to pick it up. i have mixed emotrions over this as well. i seem to have mixed emotion about everything. i am excited to sell the bike, but sad to see it go.

Queenie? hang in there. you know you have my support with what ever you do.
Short interlude. six hours and 4 trucks later teh divorce is final. i spent almost all day sunday emptying my shop at my ex-wifes house. it was a bitter sweet moment. it was nice to know that finally i have all my tools and equipment back and in my pocession, but it was also pretty sad because it was closeing another chapter in my life. i loved that shop. alot of good times took place there. alot of friend came and went. it gave birth to many an idea, and a few motorcycles. oh well. it was the not the shop of my dreams but it was pretty damn close. i will build anew on one day. it and it will be exactly what i want.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

had a great party last night, though some people decided they would go to a show in dallas, rather that come to my party to celebrate Queenie's birthday. NOT GOOD. I am very pissed off about it right now.