Saturday, March 29, 2003

WAR, porn and coffee!
for some reason i am infatuated with the war. in the past few weeks i have cried, laughed and been bored outa my mind. i can't seem to turn it off. i have had this affliction with live news for some time now. i used to sleep with the TV on so i wouldn't miss anything. i remember being awakened by the world trade center bombing. i'm afraid that if i turn off the TV i'll miss something. Hell i was in heaven yesterday. Before anyone showed up i tuned all the televisions in the bar to different news stations. it was quite neat to see all teh differnt covarge of the same thing.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

i have been hearing some small snipits of news that seems encouraging. i don't know what to make of them other than take them for what they are. i heard that some Iraqi prisioners where surprized to find out they were not going to be injected with poisen and killed. apparently they they had been told this be senior iraqi military.
a woman and small girl approached us military and asked if the US was really on there side. of course they said yes, the two then returned to where the came.

sidenote. while typing this and writing to others i have noticed that armed conflict and tragady termnioligy have alot of 'i's and 'o's. just a thought.
day whatever of the war. I have been getting some encouraging emails from my brother. he is safe and sound. i know that the further we push into iraq the safer he gets. also got a pic of him today out on patrol. pretty cool pic.