Sunday, December 18, 2005

15 days on the road
15 hotel rooms
3500 miles
35000 random thoughts
3 houses
3 states
inumerous states of mind
white line fever
rivers of light
the city of angels
mountain roads
wrenchs and screwdrivers
booze, always booze
booze to numb the pain
relax the muscles
kill the voices
after 10 hours driving
the voices begin to agrue
after 10 hours work
the voices begin to bitch
they want
a woman
a soft bed
a hard cock
and a wet cunt
if home is where the heart is,
then my home is 1500 miles
and days away

Saturday, May 28, 2005

empty tip jars make no friends
cause worry and wince
and pay no bills

tips jars full of money
will get you free drinks
will get your story listend to
will get my bills paid
will make my landlord and crditors smile

empty bars make no friends
long expanses of pine or oak
polished to a gleem
waiting for a friend

time killed
shots drank
music played

a pocket half full of money
a pack of smokes and a hot dog

a pocket full of money
a pack of smokes
gas in the tank
and a waitress to bring me steak and eggs
my roommate never sleeps
he just sits in my easy chair
in front of the TV
a beer in one hand
a cigarette dangles precariously from his lips
and a booked layed carelessly across his chest
he sits there all night
with two excetions
to make god awful concoctions on the stove
for me to clean up later
bits of food and grease and goo
left as little reminders that i do not live alone
the other thing that he does
instead of sitting in his chair
farting, bleching, smoking, whining and moaning
is deposit the same fowl concoctions from the stove
in the toilet
after burning thru his digestive tract
to leave a stench of death and rotted life
in a room no bigger than a closet
with a paper thin wall next to my room
seeping thru the cracks and crevises
remindingme i do not live alone
he hates me
he envys me
he enveys my ease with women
and my taste for fine bourbon that i do not share
he enveys the women who sneak out of my bed for work in the mornings
he enveys the way i stay out all night
but he never sleeps
he just sits in my chair
staring blankly at the tv
staring at me
waiting for me to do a trick for him
clean up his mess
and bring home a girl for him
fuck him

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

days gone by and days to come

days gone by and days to come

along time ago, in a time almost forgotten
she sat upon a wall, giggling and laughing
in a torn flannel shirt, fishnet stockings and combat boots
a punk rock beauty
glances exchanged, retorts given, phone numbers returned
car rides to follow, parties attended, not so much as a kiss made
vows of devotion were proclaimed, friends till the end
best of friends
but he thought to himself
if only she would let him kiss her, she would know
she would know how much he loved her
days spent lounging on the couch, watching tv, listening to music
planning their lives
what they would do
where they would go
but alas it was not meant to be,
maybe another time or another place things would be different
but he couldn't wait forever
soon a girl came along and kissed him and her memory faded to days of youth
and punk rock glory
it was time to grow up and be a man
but he always thought of her
always wondered were she went, who she'd become
and he would wonder, what if?
hundreds of whiskey bottels later
a dozen woman with broken hearts
but he still wondered
what if?
he sat at the bar one lonely night
a old cohort asked, do you rember her?
everyday he said
call her she said
i have her number she said
and he did
she was still around
and on her way
she too had not forgotten
she too had wondered
she asked how will i know you
he said you will know me
it was another time
it was another place
they sat and talked
it was if a day had not gone by
and he leaned closer
to hear her over the music in the bar
and she leaned closer so he could hear
and they kissed
and she finally knew