Tuesday, August 19, 2003

well i did alot of thinking this weekend and i think i have come to conclusion that i need to build my chopper instead of the bonnie. i love my bonnie, just not in peices it's in right now. but here was the thought process.
i have everything i need to build the bonnie except bearing and gaskets.
i have almost everything i need for a chopper except som engine parts.
so really it's toss up on which one to build
i was really headed towards the bonnie, and realy excited about it too. but then i went to 7-11 to pick up the new cycle world or some sort of motorcycle mag just to have something to read, maybe educate myself on the new bikes out. well the new issue of the horse is out, so i bought it with out even loking at what was inside. i know it's gonna be good. well that set the wheels in motion again.
so i like hot rods, not a secret if you know me. so i asked myself, if i was going to build a car, would i build a sports car or a hotrod, well i would build a hotrod of course.
now the bonnie would be/will be closer to being a two wheeled equivalent to a sportscar and a chopper is more of a hotrod. soooooooo. back to the chopper project.
it think this may just be an attempt on my part to sabotage myself and keep anything from getting off the ground.
i often wonder if i had someone who could motivate me more than i can myself if i'd have somethign running.
last chopper build i completed was because my friend Dean came over nearly everyday, called on the days he couldn't come over and kicked my ass till it was done. he also had help from some of our other friends.
i dunno. i just wish i could find some motivation. it's either too hot, too cold or too nice to be out in the shop working on a bike. but oddly enough when i do finally get out and get to work i get so wrapped up in what i'm doing it just go and go till i run out of parts.
Oh well!
i'm hot and i'm tired of being hot. it's getting to the point of the year where i'm thinking of renting a truck, loading up and driving north till i hit snow. my A/C is not keeping up today. i think it's cooler ourtside than inside. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH
i just want to be cold. screw compfortable i want to shiver, and chatter my teeth, i want to be cold, i want to go get a blanket, and be "not feel my fingers" cold.

I'm going nuts today
i think i'll clear frig out and go sit in it!