Thursday, April 25, 2002

i realized that i have nuthing important to say today. i just wanted to take up some band width.

Monday, April 22, 2002

I'm honored that you asked me here, darlin'....and glad to hear that your day turned out to be unmuddled. Me? I slacked, all day. Did nothin', and it was good.
what a day for a day dream. had a wonderful day in spite of my tremndous hangover. cooked a wonderful meal. grilled chiken,fettuchini alfredo, fresh greenbeans, and bread. only had one beer today, i have had a very clear head all day. all kinds of random thoughts in my head

Sunday, April 21, 2002

well after reading Nora' blog and being invited to join her, i thought i maight start one of my own. i don't know if i'll evr do anything with this ,but i thought i might like to have a place to share som stuff tt may or may not be appropriate anywhere eelse.

had a good night last night, at my freinds party. but today in the haze of likker fog i find myself lookinf or some things in my own head.
what has brought me here. why am i the way i am today. why have i chosen this particular uniform of acceptance. hell i don't know. i tried to drik a beer this morning/afternoon, because i know it would make me feel little better, but took one sip, and set it down on the table to get warm. went back to water.
i was talking with a freind this mornig about the wommen i have srounded my life with.

ahhh never mind...............