Friday, September 20, 2002

Well, i'm home. 5800 miles and 7 states later i'm home. we decided that she would live with me. we would take things one day at a time and see what happens. who knows for sure. i don't.
the trip
we left FTW,TX drove to sweetwater,TX. spent the night in some crappy little dive motel with green neon lites surrounding the whole building. beautiful rose and pink tiled bathroom. took some great pics. woke up around 10, and drove into Odessa, Tx. spent the day riding motorcycles after a grat BBQ lunch at the VFW. ended the day eating mexican food and listening to mariachi music at a local eatery. next morning drove to Amarillo, Tx. spent some time wandering around a target and barnes and noble. bought some books and headed onward into the sunset. stopped at Cadillic Ranch and took some photos. drove on into Raton Pass,NM. woke up the next morning and drove into denver. first stop in denver? a record shop to buy the new Bowling for Soup Cd for my gal.