Thursday, July 03, 2003

just a real quick post today. i was washing my hands and noticing that my feet hurt. since i have started working in the bar biz i have noticed that i don't really get much time off. i was thinking it would be nice to go to the beach walk around in the sand and put my feet in the ocean. now for me this is pretty odd. when i was a child you couldn't get me outa of the water, but the older i get the less and less time i spend being submerged. now i have heard the phrase before from other people that they need to go put their feet in the ocean and get grounded. i for one have never felt this way. but for some reason this morning that thought went thru my head, and for the life of me i can't seem to know why i would say such a thing. it's sucha suz thing to say. hmmmmm, however i do remember i enjoyed going to myrtle beach and walking around inthe sand all day. when i got home all my calloses would be gone and my feet felt renewed and rejunvinated, but when i went to cabo, even though i felt rejuvinated as a whole my feet still were my same old feet. i'll think of this today and see what i come up with.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

well i decided to not go straight home last night and well my luck ran out. after i stopped at the gas station, i decided to jumperwire my headlights and swing by the wreck. well apparntly i hooked up the highbeam instead of the lows. i couldn't find a safe place to pull over on the freeway to change it, so i figured i would just fix it once i got to the wreck. well i guess an officers attention was attracted by my bright lights and pulled me over to see where i was going. another damn expired inpection ticket. oh well. some good news/bad news. bad news is my warrants are still showing up on registration, good news is i didn't go to jail. the officer decided to check the court records which show that they have been taken care of. whew!

i don't have anything to write today. that's not true. i have plenty i could write about but i just flat out don't want to.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

i want to be a SUPERHERO. not just a hero, but a superhero. i want to be able to fly over tall building, swim deep oceans. i want adventure. i want purpose. i need an arch-nemisis. some days i feel like my day has no purpose. However if i was a super hero then i would have that need filled. i could spend my days working in my secret lab devising ways to stop the evil that is [insert evil villian whose sole purpose is to destroy the world to make it his own personal playground here]. i would spend my days searching for and attmpting to determine a way to foil the next fendish plot at world domination. i would save the world.

or i want to be a super spy. with crazy gagets and a determination to complete my governments bidding. i would sneak into parties, and dance with vixen asassins, who wanted me out of there masters way. i would have an endless supply of idenities, and the means to cover my true idenity. i could speak in languages most have hardly spoke a word of out loud, or heard beyond the speakers in their TV. i would meet slovenly men in dark suits, and we would exchange evolopes in dark allys. allys so dark that you never knew who was lurking in the shadows. allys that smelled of urinie and death. allys where i would save the world.

or i want to be a great explorer. searching far reaching corners of the earth for long lost artifacts of acient civalizations. i would leave no trail un-covered, no matter how old the scent. i would meet men in bright street cafes, brimming with vibrance and activity. sit next to unknowning tourists. i would meet men in dark bars, ones where a man goes to die. men who would take me to places their grandfathers told them about. i would fight unholy warriers who wanted their secret kept hidden instead of displayed in a museum for all the worlds to see. i would unearth all of mans mysteries, and i would save the world.

i guess today i just want to be somebody else. i have tried a couple of times, but today i am still myself.
i don't wanna work, i just wannna bang on the drum all day...........the more i work the less i want to. i would like to just hang around the house all day. maybe it's just the work in arlington. i just don't enjoy it anymore. i tire of seeing the same people who drink the same drinks and listen to the same songs from the same seats they have been sitting in since 1976. however, i do enjoy seeing my fort worth regulars. i think it may be the age difference, i'm not sure.