Friday, July 18, 2003

so yesterday i was standing at the ice well making a vodka and cranberry. and for some reason i had a memory of the road. the memory i had was being at a shell station outside of Seattle somewhere in the mountains. we filled the truck up with gas and our stomaches with tacos. one of which found its way under the truck seat until monday(5days). whoops. anyhow it was a bright sunny day, i think there might have been some high clouds but not many. the trees were tall and green. and there were some rock n roll hippies. i have no other way to describe them. people who from a distance look like hippies; worn baggy clothes, long hair, and shabby shoes, but on closer inspection reveal themselves to be metal heads;a Dio baseball shirt or metallica tee, wallet chains and corduroy pants, and old nike shoes. on a side note, i wish that the chain-driven wallet had not gained so much popularity. i liked it when people looked at me with fear and disgust just because i wore a chain on my wallet. now every one from weekend bikers to 14 year old korn fans wear them. however, i'm a goober and if my wallet is not attached to my body then i would set it down somewhere and forget where i put it. also the reason that i have a hook on my keys. i haven't lost my keys since i put my them on the hook about 10 years ago. now that i'm saying this i'm probably gonna lose them.
so anyway back to the point, it was a nice memory to have yesterday. thinking of that warm fall day. me and my girl. on the road to seattle and self discovery. i just wonder what it was that triggered the memory..........
not much going on these days. been working alot. got to see my brother on tuesday and for breafast wed morn, on his way back from kuwait on his way to DC to work at the the big building. slept all day on wedsday.