Friday, February 28, 2003

every night seems to be the same thing day in and day out. i want this i want that. but come morning time all is forgotten and i go and do what i'm told to do. why can't i seem to get motivated to do what needs to be done..........
toooooniiiiiiiight the bottle, leeet mee doown
so i had a weird dream wake me up tonight, the funny part is it not that wierd at all, except the peolpe i was with would not leave me alone long enought to talk buisness. in the dream, i get turned on to a Benigans that will be closing in a few days, the bar is separate from the restuaraunt, and this guy mario tells me about it. says he can get me the space. it sounds perfect. all i got to do is buy paint and likker. but alas i wake up before anything can take place.
so in my sleepless state i start thinking of places to rent. i think about at tiny little place(where you could lose your face) that is an old abandoned gas station. it would be just wide eonough for a row of barstools. i could call it "the Elbow" i dunno then i start thinking of a clothing store. the i wonder why i even bother. sometimes i feel like i am destined to work for others my whole life. i do my best work when i'm doing it for someone else. i always make sure i can be counted on, and i try real hard not to let people down, but why do i always let myself down.....

Thursday, February 27, 2003

nuthing to see here today, move along now