Saturday, August 02, 2003

Not much going on this week. still trying to finish the couch, i have one cushion, the back and the front/bottom to go.
i haven't worked at the boom room since opening weekend, however they say they still want me to work, they just don't know when they'll have work for me.
went bike shopping thursday, didn't find anything i liked.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

So once again feel as my life is too cluttered. i feel like i own too much stuff, and i decided that my house is not too small for all my stuff, my stuff is too big for my house. my current goal is to be able to pack everything in the back of a 20foot moving van. not that i'm planning on moving anytime soon, but i may need to one day. Late last night i begun. i chose a huge pile of clothes to be given away. i'd like to see my friends get them, so i'll maybe publish a list here soon. and i filled a black contractor bag with TRASH. When will i ever have a need for a torn half-shirt with my Highschool Football teams logo, so out it goes with the bits of scraps of paper. A reicept for photos i paid for TEN years ago? Gone!
Whcih brings me to this. so i'm sitting here trying to figure out if The spin doctors" Pockect full of Cryptonite" is worth of draggin me into clutter hell. i'm mean i bought it once? but do i need to keep it?