Wednesday, April 16, 2003

so hows everybody today? i'm supposed to be going to work, but somehow i don't feel like it. it's supposed to be my day off, but instead i volenteered to assist with the remodel of the bar. but i take respite in knowing that it cannot be done with out me. oh well. i have alot of thoughts in my head, but unfortunatly most of these thoughts happen while driving so not only am i not able to post them, i'm not able to even record them in any way shape or form. oh well
i've been wanting to do some painting, but i never sem to make the time. i would'nt even know what to paint really. i have a few ideas, but a blank canvas is much like this blog. i have all these great ideas, but when push come to shove, i go blank. sometimes if i stare att he canvas long enough it tells me what it wants to be.
i'm looking forward to redoing the extra bedroom. maybe i can sqeeze my easel and table in a corner somewhere between a book shelf and the computer.