Wednesday, March 12, 2003

once ther was a show on HBO about a guy who grew up being babysat by the TV. he ralated his whole life to TV. it was funny. someone would say something to him, and he would flash a scene from an old TV show. sometimes i think this happens to me. but not so narrow minded. sometimes bits and pieces of songs,movies and TV often come to mind. here recently it has been songs.
note to self. when getting a refill of coffee, take cup to coffee pot.
so i am sitting here watching 'Flatliners'. after working on two movies and witnessing two others, i can't help but think, man i bet that scene took forever to setup. the colors and lighting in this movie are incredible, alot of differnt colors and alot of changing color mid-scene. it must have taken all day to set up some of these shoots. another funny thing is i can look at amovie and have a pretty good idea of what lights were used. i'm still trying to figure out if particapating in the magic of movies has jaded me towards movies. i seem to only notice lighting when the movie bores me.......or i have seen it a few times.

Monday, March 10, 2003

well damn, i had this long post about the pleasure of napping and my computer burped when i posted. lost the whole thing