Tuesday, January 13, 2004

To Pink, i don't think that i'm not real, and i have a pretty good idea you are real, however i was drunk for so many days when we met in person, who knows, i guess we could have had a mutaul hallucination, but that is a debate for another day. however the point i think i was trying to get at was just how long ago things seem. i have incredibly vivid dreams, and there have been times i wondered "did that really happen? or was i dreaming?" so i think in the meloncholly mood i wrote that in i was just thinking, man that was soo long ago, sometimes days seem like years and years seem like days.

Monday, January 12, 2004

i have come to the concluson that i need to figure out at way to blog from the shower. i have found myself latley just standing in the shower, letting the hot water run over my head and down my body, for several minutes a day. sometimes as much as 20mins. just standing there thinking, and conversing to myself. sometimes i just i don't think at all. i just stand there.the problem is i i'm usally in the shower getting ready for work, so once i get out i continue my hygene ritual, get dressed then it's out the door. i also do alot of thinking while i drive. not because i want to mnd you, i'd love to drive blissfullu down the road like the rest of america, oblivios to my surrounds but unlike most of american drivers do not have a radio in my truck. that is really a misreprentation. i do have a radio in my truck, it's just that i can't use it. the lot i bought it from some how lost the removable face plate. and well i bargined them down so much on the truck, i didn't really think it was a deal breaker and didn't want to push the point. chiefly because the deal was done and well ther wasn't anything i could do about it, secondly this is the next truck in a long line of vehicles i have owned that have not had a radio. so i'm getting quite accustomed to riding in silence. i find myself from time to time even turing off the radio in my G/F's truck.